Caroline De Comi

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- "The luxury here is the presence of Caroline De Comi, who has already showed her talent as a soprano coloratura on some of the main Brazilian stages, but who also shows a commitment to innovative contemporary classical music. In the sparse textures of Safatle's work, De Comi often has to sing a cappella - exhibiting a crystalline timbre, perfect diction, expressive habilities and full command of the German language."

               (Irineu Franco Perpétuo,, 10/02/2021)

- "Every opera must have an outstanding soprano, and Deus Devolve o Revólver includes the talent of Caroline De Comi, who, in her career, has felt completely at ease in the traditional opera repertoire as much as in the most complex demands of contemporary music. It is delightful to listen to her high notes hovering over the low voice of the poet, or her crystal clear voice reciting the text in the closing aria. Caroline shows affection and attention to the words, and eventually hums, in the Sprechgesang that marks this Brazilian Pierrot Lunaire of the Third Millenium."

               (Irineu Franco Perpétuo,, 19/11/2019)

- "It is performed by Caroline de Comi, delicate and perfect, involved by a contrabass, a trumpet and strings."

(Jorge Coli, Revista Concerto, Maio de 2017)

- “…with a distinction to the delicious singing of Marzelline by Caroline de Comi, a voice of honey, delicate and seductive."
               (Jorge Coli,, 11/4/2017)

- "The lyricism and beauty of timbre always present in Caroline de Comi's voice were not absent from the stage. Outstanding Female Singer 2010 for this blog, this soprano always bears
excellence and this time it wasn't any different. Her Marzelline was superb.

               (Ali Hassan Ayache,, 9/4/2017)

- “On her behalf, even if comparisons are always hateful, one must recognize that the Brazilian soprano Caroline De Comi was a much more fulfilling Queen of the Night
than her partner in the international cast (…) De Comi was very effective in her high notes and agility, by which she left a good impression of her approach to this demanding
and exciting role.

               (Joel Poblete,, 4/11/2014)

…the character of the Queen of the Night, well covered by the Brazilian soprano Caroline de Comi, with correct technique specially in the aria of the second act,
Der Hölle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen.
               (Jhonny Teperman,, 3/11/2014)

- "I would like to say just a little bit more about the soprano Caroline De Comi and the pianist Mauricio De Bonis, superb in the elegant and beautiful rendering
of the songs (...). And I can't help confessing, how delightful is the voice of the young Caroline De Comi!"

(Gilberto Mendes, "Ao mestre Willy, com carinho", O Estado de S. Paulo, January 21st 2012)

- "A balanced cast, full of small parts, among which maybe it would be worth it to put in relief the coloraturas of the soprano Caroline de Comi as the Fire..."

               (Irineu Franco Perpétuo,, October 14th, 2011)

- "Caroline de Comi took over 3 roles, the Fire, the Princess and the Nightingale, a voice full of shining,
unique and remarkable high notes."

            (Ali Hassan Ayache,, October 14th, 2011)

- "In the main roles, two good surprises: the soprano Caroline De comi, with a full and expressive coloratura, as Lucia..."

               (João Luiz Sampaio, "No circuito alternativo, boas vozes", O Estado de S. Paulo, May 17th, 2011)

- Outstanding Female Singer 2010 - in the selection "the best of 2010" by the website "Ópera e Ballet"

               (Ali Hassan Ayache,, January 17th, 2011)

- "Caroline De Comi was thrilling and prominent in this performance. A soprano with the voice of the olimpic Greek nymphs, worthy of singing side by side with Apollo and his inebriant lyre. Gentle, bright, lyrical and delicate. It penetrates the ears with a superlative ability to thrill and to charm. She sustains the notes to the limit, not afraid to take risks. But the voice alone is not enough to make a great soprano, she shows a physique of great beauty and a moving and passionate stage performance. I will closely follow this soprano's career, she will go far."

               (Ali Hassan Ayache,, July 31st, 2010)

- "The one responsible for some good laughs on stage..."

               (Thais Kuzman, Jornal da Tarde, August 23rd, 2007)

- "A strong point of Willy Corrêa de Oliveira's album is the panoramic view of his vocal works, carried out by the young soprano Caroline De Comi."

               (Leonardo Martinelli, Diapason Magazine no. 2, May/June 2006).

- "Pay attention to Caroline De Comi's delicate soprano timbre..."

               (Irineu Franco Perpétuo, Bravo! Magazine no. 103, March 2006)